I’m Still Not Over Beyonce’s Homecoming

It’s been about 5 months since Beyonce’s Netflix Special Homecoming aired (which in the zeitgeist is eons) yet somehow I find myself just as engrossed as I did the very first time I watched it. I’m still not over Homecoming (and yes, I think the Emmy snub was egregious). I remember my first time watching… Continue reading I’m Still Not Over Beyonce’s Homecoming

African Art & The Black Womxn

A few months back I was at the Village Market and stumbled upon an art exhibition that was running in one of the halls. Everything that was on display was amazing, vibrant and full of colour. I was drawn in by the images of black women.

Passing Through Podcast

Passing through podcast is one of my favourite podcasts ever. The podcast is hosted by Nneka Julia who is a photographer extraordinaire. In Nneka’s own words, Passing through podcast is “a podcast about revelations and wisdom collected through, travel, conversation and self-education.”