Perfection is not beauty

I’ve tried quite a number of things in the last few years to try and get to the promised land of clear skin. That dewy, soft, blemish-free skin that stands as proof to the world that you are living your best life. You know, the kind that says that you are at peace with your inner self. Continue reading “Perfection is not beauty”

Camping at Ngare Ndare

Last year I went camping for the very first time. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I’m not the outdoorsy type. I like my creature comforts a lot. So you can imagine the amount of effort it took to get over myself and agree to spend the night in a forest. Not just any forest. Ngare Ndare forest in Nanyuki. Continue reading “Camping at Ngare Ndare”

Passing Through Podcast

Passing through podcast is one of my favourite podcasts ever. The podcast is hosted by Nneka Julia who is a photographer extraordinaire. In Nneka’s own words, Passing through podcast is “a podcast about revelations and wisdom collected through, travel, conversation and self-education.” Continue reading “Passing Through Podcast”