Trusting the process

Growing up, everything seemed so much simpler. The formula for success seemed straightforward. Go to school, get the grades, get a good job and voila your life is set. But the reality is not so simple

Birthday Month & New Beginnings

January is a time where most of us set our resolutions and intentions for the new year. Being a January baby, I get to have the chance to combine the general new year resolutions with my own personal ones as I celebrate another revolution round the sun.


I have lived many lives inside this body. I lived many lives before they put me in this body. I will live many lives when they take me out of it.   Of humans and gods. Of souls and spirits and bodies.

My first time

It happened mid-morning one fine Thursday, a few weeks back. The sky was the most magnificent shade of blue. The kind of blue that Lupita Nyong’o was likely referring to as the inspiration for her Oscars 2014 gown.