Recap of 2018 reads

At the beginning of 2018, my goal was to try and complete at least 12 books by the end of the year (one book per month). The final count for 2018 was 8 books completed which was a massive improvement from 2017. I don’t really have a defined selection criteria when picking my next read […]

Passing Through Podcast

Passing through podcast is one of my favourite podcasts ever. The podcast is hosted by Nneka Julia who is a photographer extraordinaire. In Nneka’s own words, Passing through podcast is “a podcast about revelations and wisdom collected through, travel, conversation and self-education.” Nneka Julia is a wordsmith. A master of painting vivid imagery and skillfully weaving […]

McMillan Library Tour

I know what you’re probably thinking. Library tour? Sounds kinda meh and boring, right? Hear me out though. Libraries are a treasure trove of history and knowledge. And the McMillan library in Nairobi is one of the oldest and largest libraries in Nairobi. Besides being one of the architectural landmark buildings in Nairobi, it houses […]