Wajir Photo Diary

A few weeks back I got the opportunity to travel to Wajir for work which was my first time travelling to the northern part of Kenya. I was slightly anxious and wasn’t sure what to expect, but the trip turned out better than I expected and I lowkey had a good time. Sharing some photos that I snapped on my phone while I was there.

Blurry pics from a local bar where we went to catch the football game
Back view of the hospital
Five-a-side football stadium which has become a staple of the nightlife as the men come in the evenings to play when the temperatures are cooler.
Inside the stadium
Strolling through the town at dusk. The town is plagued by the high density of waste plastic bottles which you’ll find strewn all over.
New hotel under construction
Row of hotels (vibanda) mostly run by women
Businesses in the town – NEP TV station, Adopt a Pin and Bilic Dumar beauty salon
Evening traffic

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