African Art & The Black Woman

A few months back I was at the Village Market and stumbled upon an art exhibition that was running in one of the halls. Everything that was on display was amazing, vibrant, and full of colour. I was drawn in by the images of black women. The artists had managed to depict the women beautifully in such a captivating manner.

I felt my heart stir with a wide spectrum of emotions as I absorbed the splendor of their “African-ness” which was on full display and centre stage. It was such a joy to witness art that centered on the black African woman and captured the entirety of her glorious complexities. 

I am always on the lookout for black or African art. Especially art that centers on women. There’s something enthralling about staring at an image that reflects you in your wholeness. Art in which you can both see yourself in and aspire to.  

PS: A little while back, I discovered Erin Robinson, who is a New York-based artist going by the moniker Brooklyn Doll. Her work is absolutely fantastic and just the kind of piece I hope to hang up in my future home.

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