Birthday Month & New Beginnings

January is a time where most of us set our resolutions and intentions for the new year. Being a January baby, I get to have the chance to combine the general new year resolutions with my own personal ones as I celebrate another revolution round the sun.

I haven’t been very strict in previous years about setting resolutions; instead opting to “go with the flow”. However earlier in the month, I read about an interesting approach to resolutions that piqued my interest. Rather than focusing on a set of rules to abide by in the new year, the suggestion was to make a list of items that you’d want to do more of and less of. I like this approach better as it seems like a gentler way to ease yourself into a change or new habit rather than going from 0 – 100.

So this month, as I turn a year older and hopefully wiser, here is my “more” and “less” list for the new year.


  • Reading books from diverse authors & backgrounds
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Speaking with gentleness to myself
  • Trying out new recipes
  • Challenging my assumptions
  • Writing


  • Anxiety
  • Waiting for validation
  • Feeling small
  • Late nights watching movies in bed
  • Self criticism
  • Worrying about things outside my sphere of control

Here’s to a really good 2019!


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