November Favourites

This week I thought it would be nice to share some of the things I’ve been loving and enjoying recently.

Album: Saturn by Nao

I loved this album on my first listen which is not something that happens often. Nao’s ethereal voice delivers raw honesty and emotion throughout the entire album (you can read more about the inspiration for the album here). My top 3 songs on the album in order are: Yellow of the Sun, A Life Like This and Love Supreme. Honourable mention to Make It Out Alive whose music video is full of stunning visuals.

Netflix Special: Homecoming King

Recently, after watching Hasan Minhaj’s hilarious late night TV interview I found myself scrolling down his IMDB credits to see what else he’d done besides the Daily Show. This is how I stumbled upon his Netflix special, Homecoming King, in which he explores his identity as an Indian-American Muslim through well-crafted funny and sincere anecdotes.

Series: Little Things

I disovered Little Things while scouring through the shows on Netflix in an attempt to find something new, different and engaging to watch. This show is centred on a young Indian couple as they navigate typical and relatable relationship joys and drama. Season 1 is free and available on YouTube.


[Featured image c/o Nao]

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