Camping at Ngare Ndare

Ngare Ndare turquoise blue water

Last year I went camping for the very first time. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I’m not the outdoorsy type. I like my creature comforts a lot. So you can imagine the amount of effort it took to get over myself and agree to spend the night in a forest. Not just any forest. Ngare Ndare forest in Nanyuki. A few weeks earlier, my friend had enthralled me with tales of his adventures camping out in Ngare Ndare as he showed me photos of the surreal turquoise blue of the spring waters. Naturally, when he proceeded to invite me on a camping trip that he was organising with friends I said yes. I needed to sate my inner skeptic by seeing this nirvana myself.

Ngare Ndare spring water

Needless to say, Ngare Ndare did not disappoint and 100% lived up to the hype. I had my qualms about not having the right camping gear or hiking boots and so on but all of that was overshadowed once we got there and I allowed myself to let go and be in the moment. Swimming in the freezing cold natural pools was like a jolt to the system. Literally and figuratively. The lush green forest was alive with the harmonies of chirping birds. The tranquil night sky was lit up by the stars and the warm orange hues emanating from our campfire.

Ngare Ndare forest

It was so good disconnecting from the outside world and getting a momentary reprieve from the chaos of Nairobi life. Sure, sleeping on the ground may not have been my best night’s sleep (I swear I could feel every contour of the ground on my back). But I’m happy that I dared to venture out of my comfort zone and was rewarded in full by getting to experience the wonders of Ngare Ndare forest in person.

Ngare Ndare canopy walk

*Did you know that Ngare Ndare forest is a UNESCO World Heritage site? Check out their website for more info

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