Passing Through Podcast

Nneka Julia

Passing through podcast is one of my favourite podcasts ever. The podcast is hosted by Nneka Julia who is a photographer extraordinaire. In Nneka’s own words, Passing through podcast is “a podcast about revelations and wisdom collected through, travel, conversation and self-education.”

Passing through podcast

Nneka Julia is a wordsmith. A master of painting vivid imagery and skillfully weaving together beautiful and moving tales using her gift of the gab. Her silky smooth voice transports you through each episode and her narrations are filled with humour, honesty and authenticity. This podcast is full of wisdom gems that Nneka graciously and generously sprinkles in each episode.

Passing through podcast

I cannot recall how I stumbled upon her Instagram page but I’m so glad I did. Nneka is a masterful storyteller who started out using her photographs to tell stories about the people and places that she has encountered through her travels. The podcast affords her the opportunity to dive deeper into her stories as she narrates tales from her past experiences.

Passing through podcast

I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone; whether you’re in it to be regaled with tales of travels to different destinations, interested in finding a companion for those long commutes or looking for someone to inspire you. Passing through podcast can be found on iTunes or SoundCloud. Happy listening!

[All images c/o Passing through podcast & Nneka Julia]

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