Summer Vacation in Dar es Salaam


This year for my birthday I only wanted one thing: to spend my birthday by the ocean, communing with the waves. Though it took 7 months to happen, I’m glad it happened when it did. I travelled to Dar es Salaam for vacation in August and it was everything that I hoped it would be.

I spent the week in Dar with my threesome (that is, two of my closest friends). In a bid to minimise our expenditures, we opted to travel by bus rather than flying. This gave us the perfect opportunity to see a lot of Tanzania’s landscape including Mount Meru, Usambara mountains and Mount Longido. However, sitting on a bus for 12+ hours is no joke and to say that I felt completely wrecked by the time we arrived is not an understatement.

The Air BnB that we had selected was in Kigamboni, in the south of Dar. We went on to spend the next couple of idyllic days either splashing about in the Indian ocean, wandering the CBD or exploring Bongoyo island. The beaches at Kigamboni were pristine and less populous than what I had experienced previously in Mombasa. The blue of the ocean and sky soothed my weary soul. I genuinely believe there is magic hidden in the depths of the ocean. I felt myself being healed emotionally and spiritually by the restorative waves each time I dipped my sunscreen covered self in the ocean. I shed all the baggage that had been weighing me down this year and let myself feel free and un-tethered from the realities of adulthood.

Dar es Salaam was honestly magical. Just the right break I needed to reset myself for the rest of the year. It helped that I switched off my phone and spent minimal time on screens. I tried as much as possible to be present in each moment. I wanted to capture and store each of the precious memories so that I could draw back on them when I got back to the real world. I came back to Nairobi with renewed intentions and determination to do better, be better for the remainder of 2018.  I can’t wait for my next sojourn by the ocean to see what new version of myself I unlock.  


  1. Beautiful piece! There’s something about the vast blues that is just as hypnotic as is calming – I can never get enough of it!

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